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Emergency Medical Service Conference Coordinators (EMSCC) is no longer providing classes

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National Continued Competency Program 2023-2024

As of September 30, 2022, live hours are no longer required for recertification

For the EMT
NREMT now awards 4 hours of live credit in the national category for your BLS renewal (1 hour Pedi cardiac arrest, 2 hours adult cardiac arrest, 1 hour  ventilation ) .
NB. Your BLS course must have an OEMS approval number associated with it in order to use the credit hours for ConEd.!

What we will be offering;.

         National category; (minimum required, 20 hours); 20 hours of distributive education. 

          Local Category (minimum required,10 hours);  10  hours of Distributive Education.

          Individual Category (minimum required,10 hours);  10  hours of Distributive Education.

For the Paramedic
NREMT now awards 16 hours of live credit for your BLS, PALS and ACLS renewal, This will fulfill 10 hours of the National requirements and leave you with 6 hours of additional credit that can be applied to the Local category. (Live hours from your renewals may also be used in the Local category. )
NB. Your AHA refresher/renewal courses must have OEMS approval numbers associated with them in order to use the credit hours for ConEd

What we will be offering:

National Category (minimum required, 30 hours);  30 hours  of distributive education  s
Local category ( minimum required,15 hours); 15 hours of distributive education .
Individual Category (minimum required, 15 hours); 15 hours  of Distributive Education.

Program 1
Total Package National, Local and Individual $275

Program 2     
National Category only $125

Program 3
Local Category only $100

Program 4:
Individual Category only $90

Program 5:
National and Individual package $190

Program 6
National and local package $200

Program 7
Local and Individual package $180

Separate Modules, , $10 each   

Remember, if certification is required as part of your employment all the costs associated with the renewal may be tax deductible. Consult your accountant.                    
Posted October 4, 2023 by Carl