EMS Conference Coordinators: About Us

EMS Conference Coordinators operates in the Eastern Massachusetts area. We provide top notch educational services to EMS professionals certified in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are OEMS certified.

We run one of the few state approved internet / live classroom hybrid NCCP courses. All of our online classes are self study and can be completed as your schedule allows. Our  course allows you to do the bulk of your studying on your own terms, with only a single two hour live class to attend. This is of course much more desirable than the standard 20 hours of live classroom attendance required by many other programs.

Your Instructor: Carl Weinstein, EMTP, EMT I/C

Our chief instructor is Carl Weinstein, he offers his students his extensive experience as an EMS professional so that they can stay informed and continue to do what they do best, save lives. He's a lifelong resident of the Bay State.

When the over 24,000 certified EMTs and Paramedics in Massachusetts are listed by longevity, Carl holds the rank of number ten. He's published four articles in peer reviewed journals and has had oral and poster presentations at five national conferences.

His certifications include:

  • Advanced Life Support (CPR)
  • Basic Life Support (CPR)
  • Basic Rescue
  • Basic Trauma Life Support
  • BLS CPR Instructor (AHA)
  • City of Boston, Paramedic
  • Nationally Registered Paramedic
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 911 Dispatcher
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Emergency Medical Technician
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, EMT Examiner
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, EMT Instructor / Coordinator
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Paramedic
  • Department of Defense, WMD Instructor
  • Emergency Medical Technician (81 hour DOT, 40 hour AAOS)
  • Light Duty Rescue
  • NFPA Rule #473 HM Level II
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support
  • Rescue Instructor (MCDA), Basic, Light and Heavy Duty
  • Vehicle Rescue